We are the ULTIMATE international dance community offering dance camps, local dance services, custom dance choreography, dance teacher trainings, dance apparel, dance news & more! We work with incredible dance teachers; we travel to magical places; we seek authentic dance adventures; we give back to the community. Whether you're an advanced or beginner dancer, the American Dance Movement has something for you. Here are just some of our dance services:

Dance Inspires Belonging, Stimulates Endorphins & Makes You Happy!

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Hey Prospective Dancers! What are YOU doing this school year?

Why not spend one hour after school each week learning the latest hip hop, jazz & contemporary dance moves alongside new friends with the professionals at American Dance Movement ("ADM")?

Dance compliments sports and has been proven to increase your strength, flexibility and self-esteem. Our classes are funky and fun: no boring music, all new routines, "real" dance steps, games, a fun show, etc...all in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

Our unique affiliation with American Dance Training Camps nationwide means that you'll have access to choreography straight from the professional dancers who teach at our camps (Broadway and MTV performers, collegiate dance team competitors and even Radio City Rockettes!).

Join us for a fun-filled session (or two or more!) of dance that you'll never forget. We hope to see you soon!

~ The Staff at ADM


Dance Stimulates Endorphins and Compliments Sports! 

Here are just some of the many benefits of dance - don't miss out! 


 Feel Great

Studies show that dance can increase self-confidence and help build social skills.

 Embrace Rhythm

Our bodies & lives are run by rhythms - rhythm helps us feel great & does us good.

 Reduce Stress

Movement plus rhythm creates an anxiety-reducing, focused & meditative state.

 Zap Boredom

Dance has strong mind-body & social components; if you like it, you'll stick with it!

 Find Your Spirit

Combining exercise with friends gets kids more connected to their true spirit!

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